Cashew Nut Shell Liquid

Cashew Nut Shell Liquid is a by-product of the cashew industry. The nut has a shell of about 0.1 inch thickness inside which is a soft honeycomb structure containing a dark reddish brown viscous liquid. It is called the cashew nut shell liquid, which is the pericarp fluid of the cashewnut. Cashew nut shell liquid is a natural product that is used as raw material for the synthesis of wide variety of polymers and water resistant resins. We have carved a niche as one of the most distinguished natural cashew nut shell liquid suppliers in India. In addition to this, the natural cashew nut shell liquid supplied by us finds numerous applications in the industries like automobile, paint and so on and so forth.

Specification for Treated Cashew Nut Shell Liquid
The cashew Nut shell liquid as extracted has a strong vesicant dermatatic action. Before this liquid is utilized for preparation of resins, it requires treatment to get rid of metallic impurities as well as traces of sulphur compounds. The liquid thus treated is known as " Treated Cashewnut Shell Liquid ".

The specification of treated cashewnut shell liquid is as follows:

Specific Gravity at 25° C / 24° C0.955 - 0.975
Viscosity at 25° C (max.)800 cps
Lodine Value (min.) 240.00
Ash (max) 1%
Moisture (max.) 0.5%
Acid Value (max.)14

Specification for Cold Pressure Cashewnut Shell Liquid
Cashewnut shell liquid is also produced by the 'Cold Pressed' method in solvent extraction plant.

The specification of the liquid is as follows:

Specific Gravity at 26° C 0.9668 - 1.0131
Refractive Index at 41.50° C1.5158
Saponification Number106 - 119
Iodine Number270 - 296
Acid Number94 - 107

Cashew Nut Shell Liquid undergoes all the conventional reactions of phenols, CNSL aldehyde condensation products and CNSL based phenolic resins are used in applications such as surface coatings, adhesives. Various polyamines synthesised from CNSL are used as curing agents for epoxy resins. CNSL and its derivatives have been used as antioxidants, plasticizers and processing aids for rubber compounds, modifiers for plastic materials and used to provide oxidative resistance sulphur-cured natural rubber products. It is also added to rubber gum stock or nit rile rubber to improve the processability, mechanical properties and resistance to crack and cut properties of the vulcanisates.

A Number of products based on CNSL are used as antioxidants, stabilisers and demulsifies for petroleum products. Soluble metal derivatives of CNSL are used to improve the resistance to oxidation and sludge formation of lubricating oils.

CNSL and its derivatives are also used as demulsifying agents for water in oil type petroleum emulsions. CNSL is used for manufacturing of C.N.S.L based Resins, Cardanol (card-phenol) Anti corrosive hiring chemicals, Acid resistant paints & varnishes, Insecticides and Fungicides, cashew lacquers bakelite and enamels electrical conductress cashew cements foundry chemicals.

CNSL Properties

ISI Specification of the untreated CNSL IS : 840(1964)

Specific Gravity/30° C0.950 - 0.970
Viscosity at 30° C cps, Max.550.0
Moisture % by weight, Max. 1.0
Matter Insoluble in Toluene % by weight, Max. 1.08
Loss in Weight on heating, % by Weight, Max.2.0
Ash % by weight, Max. 1.0
Iodine Value, Min 1.0
1. Wij's method250
2. Catalytic method375
Polymerisation Time
a) Time in minutes, Max.4
b) Viscosity at 30° C, cps, Min30
c) Viscosity after acid washing at 30° C cps, Min 200

Cashew Nut Shell Cake

The material remaining of the shell after the extraction of Cashew Nut Shell liquid is Cashew nut Shell cake. This having a "very good calorific value" and "very low ash content" is one of the best alternatives for fire wood. Another factor making this product a superior one to other firing materials is the very low moisture content. Due to all the above said features, this product has been found very useful in Clay tile factories, and in any solid fired boilers for various industries.

It is one of the best fuels. It is mainly used in Clay tile factories, cashew industries, tile manufacturing units and in any solid fired boilers for various industries.

The chemical analysis of the cashew Nut shell cake is as follows :

Gross Calorific Value5056 Koal / Kg
Bulk density0.4430g/cc
Proximate analysis (% weight)
Moisture 8.85
Volatile matter 68.03
Fixed Carbon21.12
Ultimate Analysis
Carbon 46.08
Hydrogen 3.88
Bulk density0.4430g/cc
Ash Chemical composition (% by weight)
Silca (Si02)61.83
Iron Oxide (as Fe203)3.99
Aluminium Oxide1.99
Calcium Oxide (as CaO)25.64
Magnesium Oxide ( as Mgo)1.88
Sodium Oxide (as Na20)0.65
Potassium (as P205)Traces
Sulphate ( as P205 )Traces
Phosphate ( as P205)Traces
Ash Fusion Characteristics
Intial defoamation temperature (T1)840
Herrisphericla temperature (T2)920
Fusion temparature (T3)1010